I am a Manchester-based womenswear designer.

Having just spent a year in industry learning from some accomplished British designers, including Sadie Williams and Kate Sheridan, I am excited to return to NTU to complete my degree in Fashion Design.

I have lived in Manchester for most of my life, and adore the Northern work ethic. My work is often influenced by the youth culture here, as well as the music I grew up to. I hope to create a strong & relevant final collection that draws upon these influences when I return to NTU. 

My strengths lie in design, creative pattern cutting & drafting, print design & digitisation, and visual communication. I have a penchant for digital work, however I'm fascinated by textile manipulation and this is something I'm eager to develop within my final collection. I'm also keen to incorporate knitwear into my work after recently investing in a vintage punchcard machine and teaching myself how to use it. 

Please get in touch here or follow me through my final collection journey here.